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Gosar Introduces Oak Flat land Exchange Bill

On Friday afternoon, May 13th (yes on Friday the 13th), Representative Gosar (R-1st District) of Arizona, introduced H.R. 1904, his new version of the Oak Flat land exchange.  Although he and his staff took the time to meet with Native American Tribes and with opposition groups, his new bill is actually worse than the final version of S. 409 in the last Congress.  As a result, we must stop this bill from becoming law.

Please look at the attachments to this alert to find our section by section analysis of the bill, and a copy of the bill just before it was introduced.  (the bill is not yet up on Thomas, but here is the Thomas listing of the bill's co-sponsors.)  Also take a look at the San Carlos Apache Tribes response to Representative Gosar about his bill.

Please contact your Congressional Representative and ask them to oppose H. R,. 1904.  The bill is special interest legislation that would only benefit two huge foreign mining companies and is an afront to Religious freedom and the conservation of our water and environment.  The bill also short circuits the normal process of approving mines and does nothing to help you and I.

For contact information for your representative, go to

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